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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some things lying here and there..

The room is not in one of its very tidy states, its rather has a lot of things lying here and there. I lie on the bed just like any other thing around the bedside and on the floor, thinking about what I would like to have for dinner but soon i realized its not many choices i get lately, I opened my eyes. I have not treated myself well over last two years, but I woke up and set aside the blanket which now smells of the perfume I wore yesterday. It was 7:00 pm then and I was sick, I still am, not just of the body ace but the saturated and stagnant life I am living.
I sat up on the crumbled bed sheet which covered a torn mattress, the springs have now started acting like an alarm, the mattress would not let me sleep more than 6 hours before waking me up of back ache and forcing me to realize how important it is to change postures if you cannot change the mattress.
Well, the timer clock was blinking and the light green digits seemed blur as the clock changed the angle, I might have kicked it in sleep. I stood up and my bare feet could feel the light and fine dust, I have now got used to the noise which the main road just outside my window makes, cars, ambulances and anything that has a pair of wheels, breaking the symmetry of the peace I now only experience while I am asleep with that air cutting noise. The mirror looks like its reached its old age and as the age progresses things start looking blur so did the mirror, as if it had trouble reading the images and everything i reflected was a bit blur deformed with colors but still it was reflecting a few sparkles of light which found a way through my open window and these sparkles came from the high risen sky kissing towers in the city and the cricket stadium not too far, but down the hill.
I could see the light outside my room was turned on and it was seeping under my door and the key hole making its best efforts to intrude my world and peak into what was lying in the laundry basket which sits just in front of the door. I moved it and tried to open the door and it opened with slightest of efforts.
Thinking of food and the breath of empty stomach I reached the kitchen, passed it and moved towards the bathroom. The shower jell was the only thing that kept me interested in washing my face. walking back to the kitchen, I looked in the fridge and found that my throat was soar and there can be nothing I could get out of this amazing cooling machine, a cooling machine so great that it can preserve things for a long time, i wonder will any one invent a way to preserve memories as well.? well that's a tricky one. Shutting the door, I walked towards the shelves where I remember keeping a packet of 2 minutes noodles. Ah it was there, but looks like it was the only the wrapper that was left there, with a couple of crumbs inside it left just like a few memories are left behind when the time moves on.
I then did some brain storming after that and suddenly I found cereals on the bench top, I warmed some milk and walked into my world, my room again. The door was swinging in wind, suddenly a wind blew in an parted that moisture from the room's atmosphere. On the floor was lying a pair of socks which i washed along with other clothes but they might have fallen off while i was keeping them in the cupboard. I decided to leave them.... the dark room was now partially lit with a couple of sources of light outside.
Dinner was not the same as i thought, but at least it was not that bad. while eating, i saw a couple of interesting things which i didn't notice before, the books and the lecture notes i used to read over an over an over again were now lying unnoticed and carelessly stacked up on the chest in the right corner of my room just next to the window. There was an empty can of deodorant with a same new can which i bought just yesterday. There was a fallen piece of paper which gathered my attention when the wind blew again and moved it on the floor. The door was shut with a force by the wind as I took last sip of the milk left in the white china noodle bowl with pale white shrubs painted on it, as if letting me that its time to get back.
I kept the bowl on the so called site table which was too small to be called a coffee table and too big to be a side stool. Its an unpolished wooden table with rough surface a stains of food on it, but i remember cleaning it before I took it in my room. On that table lay another similar bowl and three coffee cups and one ketchup dispenser.
I moved the items away from the proximity of my impact while I am asleep along with the table. Moved my pillow which was stuck in the gap between the single bed and the wall which has the picture of my parents. The same picture which was the first printout from the new printer I bought, which now lies next to the digital clock covered with a pillow cover.
I looked at the ceiling and when I fell asleep I found peace which I could never return to the items in my room, things which were lying here and there

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