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Monday, September 13, 2010

The Inspiration

Some people change the way things are perceived and they do it with such perfection that no one has a control over the change we inculcate even by their mere presence. I call it the water personality which will sow the seeds of learning new dimensions about one's own self.
So far my tale has no head and toe, but here you go. I recently gave an eye to my natural flexibility of adapting towards people's nature. I find it hard to keep my own way to behave when it comes to projecting myself in front of others. It is really interesting as I never intend to do so, it happens naturally. As soon as I happen to know some one a bit better than just acquaintance, I feel how beautifully my mind plays with my body language and talking paradigm and moulds it according to the listener.

Initially I thought it was a personality glitch, but looking deep into the abyss, I realised that its beyond my control and I never tried it intentionally. The only reason I could think of is the inspiring power of people. Really its the great aura which each one of us possess but only few amongst us can relate to it being aware of how some one plays with your nature without any intentions of doing so.
Its like, you see some one at the coffee machine in your office and you hear two people talking about the same thoughts you were things seconds ago. Its like falling in love with some one's voice even before you get to see them. All these things make a temporary change in your perception and make you talk, walk and behave in a weird way if you believe me. Try it!

Giving reasons are just a waste of time here as these will continue to happen with each one of us, it all depends how we interpret this. You might think its mere coincidence or may be the love you have with that voice is just restricted to that phone call. Its all inspiration my friend.

I have to tell you all. You have inspired some one at some point to fall in love with you, to think about what you said, to think about how one might talk with you or if not, some one might have made some changes to themselves to come out and face you and its all been done by your inspiring aura.

Keep inspiring, and make sure you get inspired often.